BPA(S), Cable Plate for Connectorised Cables

• The BPA cable entry plates are designed for connectorised and of course for
non-connectorised cables.
• They can be used instead of standard cable glands, when the space on the enclosure is
limited and also as an economical solution.
• The grommets are pyramidal and their outer surface shapes are conical.
• This conicity ensures high strain relief values, when they are compressed into their conical seats.
• There is no side or back operation.

No. Of Cable Entries
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Info Plate Type No. Of Cable Entries Type A
No. Of Cable Entries
Type B
No. Of Cable Entries
Frame Width A Frame Height B Frame Dept C Compare
BPA-S 4 Ways 4(2A+2B) 2 2 156,5 75,5 27,5
BPA-S 7 Ways 7(6A+1B) 6 1 156,5 75,5 27,5
BPA-S 10 Ways 10(10A+0B) 10 0 156,5 75,5 27,5