Medical Devices - The confluence of timeless engineering and excellent sensitivity!

Since 1978, Bimed has been a major player in the production of groundbreaking medical devices all over the world.

Our medical dosing syringes and customized disposable syringes in two and three parts, as well as our vaginal speculum and inhaler products, feature advanced design, simple handling, excellent stability, and sensitivity.

Bimed's patents, registered trademarks, and utility models all demonstrate our revolutionary capabilities.

Thanks to our Class 100.000 Cleanrooms in-house mold design and manufacturing capability, Bimed is versatile in product design and development. We are performing the injection, product assembling, and packing processes in Class 100.000 Cleanrooms and also in-house EO sterilization.

Fulfilling the national and international regulatory and normative standards and EN ISO 13485, EC Marking, GMP, and FDA requirements.